Thursday, October 29, 2009

new home

...currently managing new blog, it's anr's blog. please do click here to visit our new brand blog. the other one is mainly about or product [anr's chocolate]. however, the second one is still under construction. you guys are most welcomed. all your comments and supports are highly appreciated. oh to let you know, i am not being a political author or writing heavy issues but it is just a blog. a blog with a sharing experience to go through our life. salam warahmatullah and syukran for the very supportive comment and thought.

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Irhamna Ya Allah..

Irhamna Ya Allah..
“…kita datang berbekalkan amanah, Fitrahnya tanpa sedikit noda.. Usah mengharap kembali menjadi kain putih, Tetapi sekurang-kurangnya berusahalah untuk kembali sebagai batik yang indah..”